The National Foster Youth Institute held a three day Job Shadowing training in the First Place for Youth Los Angeles office from January 21-23. There were 17 First Place participants elected to participate in the Spring 2015 cohort.

The NFYI Job Shadowing Program seeks to provide interesting and diverse work opportunities for youth that will establish professional mentor relationships, help youth develop new skills, and allow youth to have satisfying work experiences that will spark their imagination and curiosity.  The training facilitators from The Right Way Foundation curriculum provide a holistic approach to preparing individuals for the challenges and demands of the workplace. The curriculum also provides systematic exercises which leave the participants with easy to re-call methods for future reference. Areas of focus include the Personal me, Mental me, Emotional me, Physical me, Spiritual me, Financial/ Economical me, Social me, Historical me, Cultural me, Political me.

The attached photo highlights a young person’s work from the Personal Me exercise – Me Development Board. It was great to see the effort all of  the young people put into visualizing and mapping their current and future goals.