Independent Living Skills Program

First Place for Youth Independent Living Skills Program

First Place is committed to helping young people achieve better high school completion and college enrollment outcomes

Fewer than half of all foster youth graduate high school on time, and fewer than 20% enroll in a four-year college. Our Independent Living Skills Program offers a welcoming and supportive atmosphere where youth can learn about and access educational support and career development.

Who We Serve

Current and former foster youth, Kinship Guardianship Assistance Payment (Kin-GAP) youth, and probation youth, ages 16-20 in San Francisco & Solano Counties.

Youth Served

First Place for Youth manages the San Francisco and Solano County ILSP programs to help current and former foster youth access guidance, support, and services as they transition out of foster care.


Number of youth participants served in San Francisco County in 2021.


Number of youth participants served in Solano County in 2021.

“In the ILSP program we support and emphasize the tools and skills it takes for students to succeed. As a former foster youth, and peer educator, I love being there for our young people – sharing what I have learned about accessing technology, developing time management skills, and balancing work and school while staying motivated to keep pushing forward.”

Maya, ILSP Specialist

Independent Living Skills Program: A Supportive Runway to Independence

The Independent Living Skills Program provides current and former foster youth (ages 16-21) with important guidance, support, and services as they begin their transition to independence from the foster care system. Operated in San Francisco and Solano Counties, this program offers a welcoming and supportive atmosphere where young people can receive academic and career development, build community, and develop important skills for independence.

Program features include:

Academic Support

Support and guidance for youth in danger of dropping out of school or academically behind on units required to graduate.

Community Resources

Access tailored resources and referrals.

Find Family

Connect with family-finding and permanency services through Seneca Family of Agencies.

Build Belonging

Participate in a wide array of community- and skill-building activities.

Build Skills

From drop-in hours to social activities, participants gain access to a variety of skill-building workshops: financial literacy, college preparation, healthy lifestyles, cooking and nutrition, resume writing, and self-advocacy.

First Foundation

Our First Foundation program is a nationally-recognized framework offering intensive academic and personal counselling to support foster youth academically behind in high school and in danger of dropping out.

The program focuses on high school completion and college preparation, physical and mental health issues, relationship-building, self-advocacy, and the development of independent living skills. This comprehensive support helps to provide stability for life outside the classroom so young people can focus on academic work and be emotionally and mentally prepared to transition to independent living after foster care.

Participants in the First Foundation program show strong, positive outcomes. In 2005, the United States Department of Health and Human Services highlighted the program as one of 20 “Best practice programs” in the country.

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