Youth and Staff Gathered to Give Thanks

The holidays can be a hard time for foster youth.  But over the last week at all of our housing sites, our youth enjoyed arts, crafts, movies, and fellowship over a lovely meal to celebrate Thanksgiving together. 

After the meal in Alameda County, youth and staff shared what they were thankful for. In Los Angeles, they mixed it up with an engaging bingo mixer and raffle prizes.  And in Santa Clara, we saw the highest turnout in over two years! At each housing site, staff members highlighted the next cohort of exceptional youth for the Wall of Fame for their dedication and hard work. 

“It was so wholesome to watch the youth having fun teaching each other dance moves,” said Education and Employment Manager, Stephanie Garcia of the Alameda County event. “I loved watching the youth laugh and teach each other dance moves!”  

At all the celebrations, gratitude for First Place for Youth was high on the list! A special thank you to the volunteers and First Place for Youth board members for attending and supporting with gift cards and raffle items! 

Next month, we will be hosting Winter Holiday celebrations across all of our counties. As our team gears up for these holiday events, you can also help make the holidays happy with a gift from our Black Friday gift registry or a donation to benefit our youth. 

Thank you to everyone who helped make these Fall celebrations special for our young people. We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!  

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