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First Place youth in Los Angeles are thriving, thanks to a generous donation from Women Helping Youth (WHY)

First Place is extremely grateful to have been chosen as one of WHY’s 2014-2015 grant recipients. This donation helped to establish the Women Helping Youth Education and Employment Center, located at our program office in Los Angeles. With WHY’s support, First Place purchased 15 new laptop computers, eight large folding tables, one color printer, and a locked storage unit, all of which have been used to directly support youth in achieving their goals of graduating high school and finding their first job.

The WHY Education and Employment Center functions as both a classroom — for weekly education and employment workshops — and as a meeting area for various ongoing youth workshops and groups. Over the last year, we have served 135 at-risk youth in Los Angeles. 95 percent of youth received their high school diploma or GED certificate, or are actively enrolled in school; 96 percent of eligible youth enrolled in post-secondary education; and 76 percent of youth obtained employment or received a wage increase or promotion.

“The WHY Education and Employment Center has provided a space for our youth to connect with one another and pursue their goals,” says Hellen Hong, Executive Director, Southern California. “Many youth have come into the Center and expressed excitement that they have reliable access to computers and technology. Without it they would have a much harder time looking for a job or completing school work.”

We greatly appreciate the substantial impact that the WHY Education and Employment Center has had—and continues to have—on the lives of foster youth in Los Angeles.

WHY is a women’s philanthropic organization committed to improving the physical, mental, and emotional well being of children and young adults in need in the Greater Los Angeles area. For more information visit

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