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Myron Reaches for the Stars!

My First Place participant, Myron, age 21, has long dreamt of a career in filmmaking, screenwriting, production, and acting. Now, working from the foundation of skills built with his My First Place team, Myron has taken the first steps to reach his goal. 

After spending his adolescence in foster homes, Myron entered the Los Angeles My First Place program in the fall of 2019. Once in the program, Myron began setting short-term goals to achieve long-term success in his personal and professional life. Working with his Youth Advocate, Yonas, Myron began to master foundational skills for self-sufficiency—time management, goal setting, and budgeting. Myron studied hard to earn his driver’s license and security guard certification and has maintained steady employment as a security guard for over a year!  

Myron’s determination to succeed is a testament to his resilience and hard work, but he also credits the support he has received from his My First Place staff team for his ability to keep going in the face of adversity. Of his experience as a program participant, Myron says, 

“It’s been a great experience for me [and] done nothing but benefit my future.” 

At work as a security guard, Myron has time to plot a course to achieve his dreams and he isn’t wasting any steps on that path.  He is attending the Script-to-Screen filmmaking program and directing and starring in his own short film based on his life.  The program, offered by Kids in the Spotlight, provides young adults in the foster care system with resources and support to enter the filmmaking industry. Mentored by industry professionals, the young adults write, cast, and often star in their own short films. 

With his eye toward a bright future, Myron is more than confident he will be able to support himself financially while realizing his dreams—which are now well within his grasp. Good luck Myron—we can’t wait to see your name on the big screen!  

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