Monthly Donor Spotlight: Regina

Donors like Regina are helping our young people reach their goals. For over two years, Regina Sheridan, a Corporate Social Responsibility Senior Officer at Bank of the West, has been a sustaining monthly donor of First Place! Her donations are matched by her employer as part of an Employee Donation Match Program. We chatted with Regina about why she chose to donate every month to First Place and her experience setting up a monthly gift.  

Regina, thank you for 14 years of support! There are so many amazing organizations to support, why did you choose First Place? 

I appreciate that First Place provides foster youth with housing, education, and employment services during such a critical phase of development. The youth in First Place’s programs are inspirational and I want to support their safety and stability as they pursue their dreams.  

What inspired you to make a monthly gift and secure matching donations? 

I decided to make a monthly gift so that First Place could count on my donation while planning their budgets. I don’t want to leave them guessing until the end of the year. In addition, my company offers an Employee Donation Match Program as part of our benefits package. I absolutely take advantage of this program and double my gift.  

How easy was it to set up a monthly gift? 

Super easy—it took no time at all! The form was easy to fill out, the deduction is made monthly, and I receive a monthly and annual receipt of my gift. 

Last question, what inspires you to help foster youth as they move into their adult lives? 

Moving into adulthood is hard enough! I am amazed at the resiliency and drive that First Place’s youth have to overcome obstacles and pursue their educational, social and employment goals. First Place does amazing work to support them and is a vital service provider in our community. 

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