Solano County



1545 North Texas Street, Suite 100
Fairfield, CA 94533



  • My First Place Program
  • Independent Living Skills Program

Established in 2007, our Solano County office delivers housing, employment, education and case-management supports through the My First Place program and also offers the county’s Independent Living Skills Program for youth ages 16-22.  Solano is a large county, with a total of 906 square miles, and a smaller population than neighboring Bay Area counties with fewer institutes of higher learning so traveling from home to work to school can require a car.  It has one of the most diverse populations in the state and the demographics among young adults in our programs are no different: less than five percent say they are white and more than 95% are Black, indigenous and people of color.  About half of the young adults in our programs are male and half female and about 55% of youth served say their sexual orientation is straight or heterosexual.  Nearly one in four is a parent themselves.

What’s Happening In Solano County

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