Leadership at First Place for Youth

Megan McGuire

Regional Director of Programs – SF Supportive Services

Joined First Place: 2020

As Regional Director of Programs, Megan provides oversite of the five, non-MFP programs operating out of San Francisco. This includes the SF ILSP Program, Rapid Rehousing with Rising Up, Permanent Supportive Housing with John Burton and Mercy, and Financial Literacy with the Guaranteed Income Pilot Program. Megan works to ensure that each of these programs have the resources, staffing, and budget to meet their contract outcomes and to ultimately serve their individualized populations.

Megan started out as an Education and Employment specialist, working directly with youth to support their education and employment goals. Megan then moved into an EE Supervisor position before becoming a Regional Director. Megan’s passion lies in her experience of working on the ground as a case-manager, combined with her background in studying the systems responsible for social inequities. Megan appreciates the ability to use both of these skill sets in her role as Director to inform the strategic direction and implementation of service delivery for each of the programs she oversees. Megan holds a Master’s degree in Social Justice from Loyola University Chicago and a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Michigan.

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