Financial Literacy Workshops with JP Morgan Chase

This National Financial Literacy Month, First Place for Youth partnered with JP Morgan Chase for an ongoing six-week Financial Health workshop series to build financial literacy for our young adults. 

Youth transitioning out of the foster care system often lack strong role models to teach them to become financially capable. Without a solid financial education, they can leave the foster care system without developing money management skills or knowing how to protect themselves from fraud and identity theft.  

In this workshop series, participants learn to take control of their personal finances and create individual action plans for success. Jordan King, the JP Morgan Chase Los Angeles Community Manager and facilitator of the workshops, kicked off the first workshop by encouraging attendees to examine their personal relationships with money and to question what influences their spending habits.  

“The young adults were so engaged and clearly articulated what their ideal futures are,” said King. “I left feeling energized and proud to do this work!” 

Although finances and money can be difficult topics to talk about, the participants enjoyed interacting with each other. As the facilitator of the workshop, Jordan feels it is important to create a space for youth to share stories and support one another in their financial journeys because “it takes a village to achieve your goals.” By sharing knowledge and supporting people in our lives, Jordan says “we’re able to bridge the generational financial education gap that exists in communities of color.”  

“The [second] financial literacy workshop helped me create my S.M.A.R.T. goal to raise my credit score and inspired me to create a budget and commendable affirmations,” said one participant. 

Thank you to JP Morgan Chase and Pacific Western Bank for their partnership in leading these important workshops and helping our young people set goals for their financial futures!  


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