We were recently notified that our donor database provider, Blackbaud, was subject to a ransomware attack in May. While First Place for Youth was among the organizations impacted by this breach, we have been assured that access to our account was limited to a section of our database that contains only names, addresses, and donation amounts. No sensitive information like credit card numbers, banking information, or Social Security numbers was compromised.

Blackbaud engages strong encryption mechanisms to ensure that sensitive data is always protected in the payment process and in database records. They have taken all available steps to resolve this situation, including paying the ransom and confirming that all stolen data was destroyed. They are confident that none of it was misused, shared, or made public, For more information please see see this article on Blackbaud’s website. Please reach out to Lauren Chiarulli at lchiarulli@firstplaceforyouth.org or 510-272-0979 x 301 with any questions (email preferred during our continued office closure).