Join Our Sustainers Circle of Monthly Donors

Make a Lasting Difference With Ongoing Support

Step up for foster youth in your community by becoming a Sustainers Circle donor with a monthly gift. It’s a convenient, cost-saving way to steadily invest in the life-changing support.

“We support First Place for Youth as monthly donors because we want foster youth to have a good start to adult life. We know First Place will help them do that.”

Alan Sherman & Kim Sherman
donors since 2007

Benefits of the Sustainers Circle:

Invest in young people:

First Place provides support each year to nearly 2,000 foster youth ages 16 to 24, including housing for more than 600.

Support foster youth:

Foster youth who receive our education and employment support are over four times more likely to enroll in college and nearly three times more likely to be employed than other foster youth.

Be an insider:

You’ll get special event invitations and exclusive seasonal updates on our impact or educational opportunities.

Save time and costs:

You save the time of sending contributions while reducing administrative gift-processing and mailing costs for our organization.

Double Your Impact With a Matched Gift!

Your company may have a donation matching program in place. Check with your HR department to see if your organization supports donation matching!

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